How to give help and support without sacrificing YOU

Find out WHY those odd, frustrating behaviors happen -- so you can TRY the responses and prevention ideas that best suit the situation.

Follow action steps to help you solve family friction and stressors like guilt, resentment, anger, and other blocks to your quality of life.

Surviving Alzheimer's delivers all this in quickest-read format of any dementia guide. (I know your time is precious!) 

The "Why This, Try This" Approach to Behaviors

Practical Solutions to Common Challenges

​Key Insights From Top Dementia-Care Experts

Find common-sense and supportive advice on dealing with: Memory loss * Personality changes * Delusions * Aggression * Communication issues * Refusing to bathe * Messy eating * Shadowing * Sexual challenges * Sundowning * Sleep problems * Health problems * Caregiver stressors like denial, disagreement, lack of help, and much more. 

In Surviving Alzheimer's, my goal is to bring real help to the helpers.

Surviving Alzheimer's curates the best,most current thinking on dementia care from a dozen top experts, including

Dr. Richard IsaacsonNaomi Feil, Dr. Leslie KernisanTeepa SnowDr. Ken RobbinsLisa GwytherLeeza GibbonsDavid TroxelAnne Bastingand Alz-heimer's Reading Room's Bob DeMarco.

Their key insights and tools give you a foundation that can utterly transform dementia care, for both your loved one and you. 

 Surviving Alzheimer's  by Paula Spencer Scott